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Reconstructive. Quantic intervention that starts with a group dynamics or high intensity bodywork. We use the body as a primary tool to understand the learning process. It has the potential to challenge the perception of an individual (Perception: program that we learnt between 0 and 6 years old in order to survive). It is an expansive field that includes the movement of mind, body and spirit and will allow the resolution of conflicts in daily life.

The world “holistic” defines the acceptance of the perception of something as a whole. We belong to systems within systems. The biggest movement is not being spiritual. The biggest challenge we face is to deconstruct our survival mode in order to understand the realm of something that is beyond time and words.

The school

We are an international school dedicated to elevating individual and planetary consciousness by providing holistic wellness and education.

Our mission is to instruct, encounter and motivate students and the public in general through a holistic approach. Students will benefit from a well-balanced integrated theory, technique and practical experiences.

Graduates of our training programs will be qualified to understand and apply the RECONSTRUCTIVE INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATIVE HOLISTIC SCHOOL model. We provide students with the best possible in-depth educational and coursework experience, while offering them the latest innovative information.

RECONSTRUCTIVE INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATIVE HOLISTIC SCHOOL offers, to the committed students, the tools to integrate this knowledge into their personal and professional lives, assuring participants to elevate their awareness and experience.

Our commitment:

  • Training and assisting students, teachers and facilitators with the best tools for the understanding and application of Reconstructive as a method.
  • Integrating social work, implementing programs that are of benefit to the community.
  • Being an inspiration and providing spiritual experiences.
  • Reaching higher states of consciousness and peace with and within the body, mind, family, community, cultures, ecology and the divine.

This program provides life-enriching tools and information that, with application, can be used to transform lives. Our programs are designed to ignite true awakening of consciousness and realization. We seek for individuals who are in the need for health, respect for life and acknowledgment of our mission.

Bring this priceless knowledge into yourself, your family and your community members. We must come together and make this possible, through experiences, kindness and committed actions. Consequently, we become emissaries of consciousness and harmony for creation.

The work

We waste so much time fighting against our mental power and the reality that surrounds us. Have you asked yourself; is it time to confront myself?

In Reconstructive® work, we empower the energy that is full of information to express itself, so we can connect with our issues. It has the power to lift our masks and expose the real thing.

After deconstructing some of the issues we thought were important, something new arrives. By feeling the real emotions, something can get in motion again. Therein lies an enormous healing power.

Reconstructive® empowers us to get a new perspective, a vision. It will guide us to acquire the wisdom that we deserve to have. Taking responsibility of our lives is the greatest movement for the spirit.

When we become more aware inside those higher fields of energy, we begin to appreciate how inharmonious we were as we vibrated within them. We must try to understand ourselves within these levels in order to heal and expand our spiritual perception. However, being able to relate to one another in a healthy way is the highest level of them all. Understanding the multidimensional concept of acknowledgement, the notion of being aware and the ability to include is the path to achieve the expansion and healing. The biggest movement is not being spiritual. The biggest challenge we face is to deconstruct our survival mode in order to understand the realm of something that is beyond time and words.

Documentary about Reconstructive by Hilde de Windt


This is a journey, a path, never ending and always expanding. Sometimes we need a guide or teacher, someone who guides and challenges us to reach another level.

Founder and Director RIIHS

Director RIIHS Spain

Co-Director RIIHS & Director RIIHS Belgium

Director RIIHS Dominican Republic

The international community of the school is expanding with facilitators in several countries (Latvia, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands …). Visit reconstructiveschool.com for the details.

Individual Sessions

In our first years of life, we create survival strategies in order to adapt ourselves to our family, school, community, etc. Already as adults, we use a lot of energy to maintain those belief systems, so we can stay in our comfort zone. Beginning to resolve and let go of all this to take our own path is possible with the help of another human being.

In our individual sessions, we apply the philosophy of Reconstructive and the principles of transpersonal coaching to help you bringing order to your life and overcome all kinds of problems and blockages (family, couple, relationships, work, money, projects…). Questioning what we learnt, widening our perception, finding the resources acquired in our experiences, reconstructing our history… All these opens a door of new possibilities to embrace our future.

Online sessions: 1 hour  60 euros

Skype sessions: 1 hour – 60 euros

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For me, it has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It has allowed me to see aspects of myself through other group members, which seems has no price. The following week, pieces continue to fit together as if it was a giant puzzle. In addition, there are three or four bodily sensations that take me to an inner place of trust, optimism, security and peace, which I hope to take care of throughout my life because they are a real treasure.

Itziar Abascal (gabascal.itziar@gmail.com)


For me, the work with Reconstructive, with Carola, is liberating, magical. It is as if something inside me opens and makes life seem different afterwards, making me feel capable to do things that had not even crossed my mind before the workshop.
It is opening a door that I do not know where it will take me. It attracts me and at the same time is scary. However, in the end, you throw yourself into it and each workshop as a whole is “REALLY GREAT”.

María Coca (mariacocahuertas@gmail.com)

For me this work is first and foremost peculiar. Different from other constellation works. Here stories are not of interest; the work comes and makes an effect beyond any story. This offers the possibility of manifesting and healing very deep layers of our existence that go beyond any explanation obtained through verbal language. 
What appears is the unresolved, what is building a wall in your unconscious, which belongs to you, to your system or sometimes to the human system. 
It is as if what is connected to other dimensions of our being, creating a blockage at that moment, stopping our flow with life, emerges. They are deeply healing. 
You live this very intensely and the result is a liberating feeling, of greater inner lightness and better connection with yourself. 
Reconstructive re-connect you with your essence. They are very powerful and effective.

Lola Villamor (lolavillamor@espacioc.com)

Reconstructive might seem like a role-play or dramatization. However, when I have experienced the latter, for me it has been somewhat a fictional experience. Reliving an experience helps to relive a situation and improve our response to that situation. But our mind remains trapped in its usual patterns of behaviour. That is, in a play I act like myself, and that’s why it’s hard to get out of our usual records. We can only retouch them.
In Reconstructive one lives a certain situation, but there are several new and unexpected elements:
New vision: One acts in a different role to his character. And, surprisingly, new ranges of behaviour emerge. It is as if taking the train off the track, you will find new roads. Our reaction to the stimulus changes.
Real experience: You perceive the rest of the participants as if they are acting in a real situation. You do not recreate situations, you live them being a different person and they carry you away with them as if it was the first time.
Empathy: Reconstructive activate our empathy. We understand the experience of others experimentally, and that is why our understanding opens. We know the other experimentally (not in an imaginary or rational way). We are not afraid of others anymore, and this is why we can allow ourselves to love them.
Magic: There is finally a difficult to explain magical or spiritual element. In Buddhism, they talk about trusting a universal law – dhamma – which leads us to peace if we trust its wise strength. Many saints, like Saint Anthony of Assisi, speak of trusting God’s love as a force that takes care of us and gives us peace. Reconstructive helps us in that letting go, in trusting a universe that instructs and protects us. And they help this because we immediately experience that letting go leads us to discover new and good things.
The effect of Carola in this process is very well described in the prologue of “Echoes of the past.” I agree with this impact.

Manuel Reglero (manurb@msn.com)

The call to the workshop Money and my power could not have reached me at a more crucial moment. Years of participation in different therapies had helped me greatly to find the cause of some emotional blockages and to overcome them. Yet there was still a very significant area in my life, the professional, in which I had barely managed to move forward, which remained a source of frustration and sadness to me.
In the course of one of the dynamics during the workshop, my legs revealed what would be the most valuable clue: their heaviness was urging me to get moving. I, literally, needed to walk. In order to do so, though, I had to break not only out of old patterns of paralysis when in the face of challenges, but also away from conceptions and values regarding success and money not genuinely mine, which were making it difficult for me to develop the way I longed for. That was, undoubtedly, another very important lesson.
Thus, in the following weeks, I started to actually walk, approaching the people I wanted to work with, offering to contribute with what I can do and like to do best. I keep walking because that first stop did not turn out to be my desired destination and I do it in the confidence that it will be movement which will take to where I do belong.
On behalf of my soul – which feels confident and in balance- and my legs –nowadays in perfect shape-, I would like to thank you very much for helping me understand that it was vital to let out the person I truly are, as well as to assume responsibility and act.

Susana Fonseca (susana.fonseca.perez@gmail.com)


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